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Slavery work or development of own business


To have a coach or not…?

Three weeks ago I gave a 4-page questionnaire to an entrepreneur to help him to understand how to improve his own company. There are such questions which need to be seriously analyzed before answering. However, if he answered them, he will clarify something in his business, what exactly need to be changed at first. The result will be simple: more income. The owner had a look at the questionnaire and understood that this is very useful for him. …What do you think, did he give answers till now or not? Of course,…not. Because he has no time for it, because of his slavery daily operative work... because there are always a lot of problems. A mass of entrepreneurs reflexively do operational actions to solve something in their business and don’t care about development of own business. They can get stuck in this slavery, forever. Many of them will never come to ask a business coach for external help.

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